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Aswa Lolim Game Reserve

Aswa Lolim Game Reserve is located in Northern Uganda and situated in Amuru district north of Murchison falls National park. Aswa lolim wildlife reserve was gazetted in the year of 1959 to act as a migrating area for wildlife in Murchison Falls National park but it was degazetted in 1972 sadly under the influence of Idi Amin Dada then the president of Uganda and the wildlife Authority gave the concession recently in the year 2010 to a private group known as Aswa lolim wildlife association.

The wildlife reserve’s terrain is about 769 meters above sea level in elevation west bank of the Albert Nile and the game reserve derives its name from the two meandering rivers that is River Aswa and River Lolim on its rolling hills. The wildlife reserve covers an area of about 110 kilometers bordering Murchison Falls National park but before it was degazetted it used to cover up to 500,000 hectares of land. The animals staying in Aswa lolim are still under conservation because most of the land has been used for farming.

Tourist Attractions in Aswa Lolim Game Reserve


Aswa Lolim game reserve is covered with small forests, papyrus swamps, palm trees and also with valleys and creeks with ranches.

Wildlife in Aswa Lolim wildlife reserve;

The wildlife reserve is a home to different wildlife species such as the elephants, leopards, lions, Hippos, warthogs, lewelshartebeests and crocodiles. There are also some primates within the reserve include the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys among others and also Antelopes such as the duikers, Oribis among others all these animals used Aswa lolim game reserve as a migrating zone.

Birdlife in Aswa Lolim wildlife reserve;

The wildlife reserve is also a habitat to different bird species of which some were migratory birds and others were residential birds. The bird species which can still be seen in the wildlife reserve include the grey headed Olive back, the rare shoebill, Heuglin’s masked weaver, piapiac, Emin’s shrike among others.

Tourist Activities in Aswa Lolim Game Reserve

Boat riding;

Here tourists can get involved in the boat riding activities done at the Albert Nile and also do the sport fishing activity from the lake.

Community walk;

This activity involves visiting the locals from where you can get entertained through the local traditional dances and also acquire some souvenirs or gifts to take back home for remembrance hence encountering cultural experiences.


The game reserve can be accessed in Northern Uganda in the district of Amuru and close to Murchison Falls National park.