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Back ground information about mountain gorillas – Uganda safaris & Tours

mountain gorillas ugandaThe endangered mountain gorillas are found in heavily forested and mountainous areas of central Africa. These are mostly found in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, and they have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. These live in the volcanic mountains which are found in protected national parks. In south west of Uganda, they are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, in Rwanda, they are found volcanoes national park and in Congo, they are found in Virunga national park.

The gorillas live in the forested slopes of volcanoes in Rwanda, and these have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda. The volcanoes have got fantastically good vegetation which appears to be too dense at the bottom of the mountains and later become sparse at the higher points. This park provides a perfect environment for the mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorilla is very gentle though it appears it appears strong and muscular, they are herbivores and its diet is made of leaves, shoots and stems fruits and insects. These animals enjoy eating and they spend most of their time feeding on plants and insects. A male mountain gorilla can eat up to thirty kilograms of food in a day. The other activities that they mostly spend time on include sleeping and socializing with other gorillas. These features have attracted gorilla tracking visits to either Rwanda or Uganda.

The mountain gorilla is an endangered animal on the planet, it’s also listed as endangered since its population can reduce if not conserved and persevered, and these mountain gorillas have got many threats which include; poaching, diseases, encroachment on the habitats and many other threats which have continued to affect them hence impacting the operations of gorilla safaris to Africa specifically Uganda and Rwanda.

There are however many organizations trying to conserve and preserve mountain gorillas and these include Dian Fossey who was a leading conservationist and she spent most of her time trying to study the behavior of mountain gorillas. And many more organizations have come up to do the same job which has helped in increasing gorilla tours to Uganda and

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