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Bagisu Circumcisions Ceremonies – Uganda safari News

Bagisu Ritual dance
Bagisu people are also known as Bamasaaba and are found in Eastern Uganda on the Kenyan Boarder. They have a common dance called ‘Mwaga’’ which is practiced during circumcision. According to the Bagisu a male is considered a man after carrying out this ceremony which is revealed in form of a dance.  This is an interesting experience that travelers enjoy as they come for safaris in Uganda.

For the young boy to gain confidence, he will possess the spirits as he dances for around 21 days which after he will be given spiritual powers and remain with no fear any more. This experience has been liked by many of the tourists who come for Uganda visits hence promoting more tours in Uganda. As the candidate is circumcised he should not cry because that a shames the family. This is memorable to the travelers who come to safari Uganda.

The ceremony takes three days as people are dancing, carrying out feasts, visit their loved ones and also giving out presents. The eldest uncle of the candidate gives him a bamboo strip so as to strengthen him as he experiences a challenge of manhood. The candidate is covered up with Colobus monkey tails as he runs around the village with other people having different traditional instruments.

According to the Bagisu this is what verifies a boy to be recognized as a man. They say even if one is 80 years and above when he is not circumcised, he is not considered as an elderly.  Therefore he is disrespected and despised. This makes them accept to be circumcised so as to be respected. This attracts many Uganda visits as tourists also feel they want to give a try to this interesting activity.

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