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Batwa Tribes in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Prime Uganda Safaris

batwa entertaining guestsAlongside the famous mountain gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the Batwa people have also tried to increase the safaris since they have become tourist attractions the tourists.
These people live in the many parts of central and eastern Africa. They include the Bambuti who are found in Kasese region at the foot hills of the mountains of the moon, and others are found in the neighbouring communities of Bwindi Impenetrable and the Mgahinga forests. These people have attracted many tourists to come to Uganda which has increased Uganda safaris.
There are rare facts about the Batwa and these include; they like naming themselves with names relating to the Jungle and these names are said to be names of wildlife species, or they can be names of preferred wildlife, these names include; Kanyihamba, Kaki Ntare. This naming is enjoyed by many tourists which has resulted into increased safaris to Uganda.
A safari to Bwindi will expose you to these short people who are considered to be the shortest people in the world; they are always referred to as pygmies. These people survive by hunting small animals using poisoned arrows and nets; they also gather various fruits that are got from the forest.
These people live in small temporary huts which are made out of leaves and branches. They usually abandon the huts after a few days or weeks and then they move to another place. They usually do this in search for food in case of any epidemics, disagreements among the communities and conflicts. There are many safaris which have been carried out in order to visit the Batwa.
However, due to the gazetting of the national parks, the Batwa people have been forced to join other communities and they have completely vacated the national park and have set up their communities, which has helped them to participate in tourism development by making crafts which they sell to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.
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