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Behind the scenes experience at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre-UWEC

Close to Uganda’s only international airport, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre (UWEC) is the best place to have a glimpse of the beauty that lies in the pearl of Africa; Uganda, ranging from animals to bird species. For tourists interested in Uganda wildlife safaris and have an early arrival day in the country or time on their Day 1, visiting UWEC is the best option for an insight of some of what is in the country.

Planning to tour the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre! do you actually know what to expect? Get involved in the Behind the scenes tour. It is a unique Uganda safari activity that is beyond seeing and learning about animals. it is actually an unrivalled participatory up-close wildlife experience.

What to see and do during behind the scenes experience at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre

Be a keeper for a day

Uganda Wildlife Conservation CentreBeing a keeper for a day is a hands-on day program specifically designed for children aged 6- 16 years who would like to know more about animals and plants. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for children who would like to develop a career with animals or have an experience close to wildlife. During this activity, you spend the day with the Uganda Wildlife conservation centre keepers who will share their passion for animals with you. You can participate in hands-on-activities of the Centre such as preparing animal meals, cleaning enclosures and providing enrichment to stimulate them both mentally and physically. No matter which Uganda safari park you visit on this day, there is no experience like this one.


Take a guided Tour at UWEC

At the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre are trained educators or Uganda tour guides who can take you through an engaging and educative guided tour in the Centre. They help you identify the animal species, tell you about their cultural values, conservation status, habitats and help you decide on a positive conservation action to ensure species survival or recovery plan.

Take a Self-Guided Tour

At the Uganda Wildlife conservation centre, you can have a self- guided tour by just following the signage within the conservation centre. During the tour, you get to learn more information on animal and bird species, habitat and ecosystems relationships and challenges to wildlife conservation and management.

Other activities at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre also include;

Donkey and Camel Rides: At the centre, you can watch your little ones ride off on a donkey just like cowboys.

Aside from the donkey ride, the children enjoy a moment at the children’s play centre with multi-tiered play materials in an amazing environment.

Sitting along the shores of Lake Victoria-Africa’s largest continental lake, you can enjoy beach games as you play on the sand at Entebbe’s longest beach line.

Nothing amazing like ending your safari in Uganda with a walk in a forest with a cool breeze from Lake Victoria. Enjoy an amazing walk in the forest and sight several species in the wild including 121 bird species.

As we all love to tour destinations that are still intact, come learn more about wildlife and join the journey to conservation as you travel in Uganda.

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