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Beneath Murchison falls National park – Uganda Safaris & Tours

tree climbing lionsThese falls are popular for attracting safaris to Uganda, since many visitors have visited the place due to its sustaining large numbers of hippos. The falls make scenic droppings into the National park at Karuma falls were the river races with the rapids on to the rift valley.

This park offers launch cruises which exposes tourists on Uganda safaris to a variety of water animals like the hippos, crocodiles, water birds, snakes and many more.

The park also contains game drives across the beautiful buligi grasslands up to the shores of Albert Nile. These game drives are compassion of the east African safari, game cruises and those for travelling to the base of the highest water fall on the Nile. These game drives have attracted many safaris in Uganda hence improving the tourism sector.

Murchison is also a popular place for bird watching with a total of 450 species of birds recorded. Birds have attracted many birding safaris to this place and they can be found along the craft cruise down the river towards Lake Albert. The shoebill is a common bird in this park and other African species can be found at Budongo and Kaniyo Pabidi Forest.

The park is located near the Bunyoro Kingdom, Mparo tombs, hoima palace and Katasiha fort which places have encouraged cultural safaris to Uganda. These cultural sites have attracted many visitors who travel to Uganda.

Guided walks in the park can greatly expose you to a variety of animals which include; elephants, rhinos, monkeys, snakes and many other animals. Other guided walks can be carried out in Ziwa rhino sanctuary which is a home to over 80 rhinos. These places have increased safari tours to Uganda.

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