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Benefits of Tourism in Uganda-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

chimpanzee safarisUganda has greatly benefited from tourism due to the increase in the number of safaris that are carried out with in the country. Uganda has a wide range of tourism assets which boasts a wealth of biodiversity that could easily be used for tourism purposes. Uganda’s economy today relies primarily on commodities produced through small-scale agriculture, however. Despite the economic potential of tourism in Uganda’s parks and protected areas, many of the rural communities that surround those natural areas have greatly benefited from the profits which are generated from the protected areas through construction of roads and other Amenities.

Tourism benefits Uganda’s wildlife, sustainable tourism presents an opportunity to diversify local economies by supporting an industry that is dependent upon the conservation of natural resources rather than their extraction, thereby lessening pressure on Uganda’s natural resources. In partnership with U.S. Agency for International Development (UNSAID)–Uganda as well as the U.S. Forest Service, Jane Good all Institute, Uganda Community Tourism Association, Nature Uganda, and several other stakeholders, AWF is implementing tourism investments that will provide incentives for communities to conserve important habitats and that will also be an engine for economic growth throughout the country.

Tourism in Uganda has greatly contributed to the marketing of Uganda as a tourist destination. This is done through many ways and these include; through UWA, by tour operators who market it on line and encouraging tourists to come for safaris from Uganda, through use of social media like face book and twitter. All these have greatly contributed to the marketing of the country as a tourist destination.

Through the attraction of many people who come for safaris, Uganda has developed economically; this is through the development of infrastructures like roads, hotels, lodges and other recreation centers which have supported the industry to exist for a long period of time in the country.

Tourism development in Uganda has led to the utilization of resources within the country. Once the tourist attractions are utilized for tourism, this will help in increasing on the tour visits that are carried out with in Uganda and hence developing the country. More so, tourism has led to the preservation and conservation of the natural environment.

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