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Best kept tourism secrets in Uganda-Uganda Safaris & Tours

Gorilla trekking safachimpanzee safaris in ugandaris are greatly experiencing an improvement due to the range of adventure in Uganda which is wide and hair-raising. Many activities which contribute to safaris to Uganda include game viewing, fishing trips, water fall cruises, silverback gorilla treks, white water rafting, African rainforest camping, Chimp trekking and swamp walking. All these activities have greatly contributed to increased safaris to Uganda.Gorilla trekking in Uganda is the best experience that most visitors have had in Uganda. The trekking is mostly carried out at Bwindi Impenetrable National and in Mgahinga were some species are found. Mountain Gorillas are mainly tracked between 1 to 2 hours and they are normally interesting animals that will always attract visitors more and more.The source of the Nile is another tourist attraction that will attract tourists to Uganda since it encourages white water rafting that attracts many visitors to come for safaris to Uganda. River Nile is greatly considered as the longest river in Africa and it has greatly attracted many tourists to come to Uganda.Chimpanzee tracking is another tourist activity that can be included in the safari package in Uganda. Chimp tracking is mainly done in Kibale National park and at Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.   Chimpnzees are interesting animals since they behave 90% like human beings. They have same behaviours like those of the human beings and they can leave you wanting to have a look at them more and more. These Chimps have attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.Game Drives that expose tourists to the famous five, ie, the elephants, lions leopards, hyena and the Rhinos and other wild animals that are found in most of the Uganda National Parks. The forests found in Uganda have greatly attracted tourists to come and have a look at them especially Mabira forest and Budongo Forest. Tour visits have improved due to increased preservation of the forests.Mountains like The Rwenzori Mountain and other mountains have greatly contributed to increased safaris carried out by the visitors who come to Uganda. Other attractions which have greatly contributed to attracting of safaris to Uganda include; lakes and rivers, cultural sites, city tours and others.

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