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Biodiversity program for Tourism in Uganda- Uganda Safari News

family of gorillasThe government of Uganda has got support from USAID in order to develop eco-tourism in the protected areas. This program will certainly help in conserving and preserving the wildlife in the national parks. This will help to increase the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda.

Eco-tourism is the type of tourism which is promoted without impacting the tourism sector. This initiative has greatly helped in proper management of the national parks which has greatly led to increased number of animals hence increasing the travelers who safari Uganda.

The main objective of the program is to use Eco-tourism as a tool in reducing the threats to the biodiversity and conservation of the ecosystem in all the national parks of Uganda, this will also help in supporting sustained economic growth. And proper management of the natural resources. This will also help in increasing the tourists who travel to Uganda for safari tours.

National parks must be well protected since this will help in the conservation and preservation of the biodiversity which will later help in increasing the number of animals with in the parks, this will not only help in attracting more tourists but also help in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

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