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How the bird killer turned into a conservationist – Rwanda safari news

birding-ugandaThe journey of being a safari guide goes beyond a mere job, it takes passion, consistence and at times persistence as it can never be straight especially when it comes to dealing with counts of travellers including those that undertake safaris to Rwanda.
In the names of Kirenga Kamugisha with his 15 year old guiding track record, he is by no means an exception. Credited to have formed the Rwanda Safari Guides Association which acts as the body that bring together all safari guides that guide tourist while on their safaris in Rwanda, Kirenga’s journey to the top can never be regarded as ordinary.
Having gone to Ibanda Secondary School and Ntare School in the western Uganda, Kirenga considered birds as a form of sport that would occupy him during his free hours. Shooting birds with a catapult was what Kirenga knew the birds for regardless of his regular trips to Uganda safari destinations of Lake Mburo and the Uganda gorilla trekking safari haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. However, things were to change when during his routine bird shooting exercise he encountered a friend who had a binocular and he told him that he was looking for birds. This shown Kirenga that there was another way to enjoy birds more directly than killing them.
Following his appreciation for birds, Kirenga went ahead to form the Rwanda Bird Guides Club which has steered the growth of birding as an additional activity to supplement the traditional Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris thus creating a diversified travellers experience in Rwanda.
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