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Bird watching bringing in more revenue to Uganda – Uganda safaris

shoebill stork - uganda birding safarisBirds are being considered as the main tourist attractions which are bringing in more revenues for the tourism sector and also increasing more safaris to Uganda. This is mainly because the birders spend a lot of money when they come to Uganda.

The monitoring which is done by the tour operators and the conservationists has been showing that birders spend a lot of money with in Uganda when they come for Uganda safaris. It’s recommended that birders spend not less than $ 4000 which is about 10 million shillings per safari which is carried out in Uganda.

More so, a study by nature Uganda also shows that 2000 birders spent six millions in 2008, which is more than gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out. This outstanding value shows that bird watching safaris have contributed high revenues to the country.
The increase in the revenues by the birders in attributed to the long stays of the tourists who come for birding safaris to Uganda. Most of the birding packages take 14 and above days which is more than any other safaris which are carried out with in Uganda.

Even though Birding has contributed to high revenues in the country, mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National park have also increased the revenues of Uganda sine many visitors have continued to come for gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

More revenues have been generated from the vegetation or nature of Uganda, national parks which have variety of wildlife, water bodies, and volcanoes which have continued to attract more safaris in Uganda. However Uganda is considered as the best birding destination with the nature atmosphere. It has 1,058 bird species, which is 11% of the total of birds in Africa. This has helped in increasing safari visits to Uganda.

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