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The western Savannah & the Western Rain Forest Birding Areas in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

A combination of the western savannah and the western rain forests, Uganda, to many birders is considered Africa’s most complete bird watching destination, with apparently more than one thousand (1,000) bird species recorded – making unique Adventure vacations in Uganda

For a serious birder, and with a good birding guide, the Uganda Birding Safari through western Uganda will always hook you up an incredible approximate of 400 species of birds within a fortnight, while enthusiastic amateur birders might reasonably look forward to an approximate of 300 species within the same time.

The common list of these western forest birds includes: the great blue Turaco and raucous black and white casqued, hornbill, as well as the gem like green broadbill and 23 other species endemic to the Albertine Rift, with the most searched for African bird: the shoebill, a massive prehistoric- looking swamp bird notable for its heavy clog-shaped bill / beak.


Birdlife is plentiful throughout Uganda, but certain key sites should be included in any bird -related itinerary, Bwindi national park Uganda for the Albertine rift endemics, Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda for a peerless checklist of 600 species, Semliki national park for Congo basin endemics, Mabamba swamp near Entebbe for shoebill, the community-run guided trail through Bigodi wetland near Kibale forest for great blue Turaco and other colourful forest birds, and Murchison falls national park for savannah specialists such as Abyssinian ground hornbill, red throated Bee eater and Denham’s bustard.

Mount Elgon is a home to 296 bird species including 40 restricted range species. Birds whose Ugandan range is limited to Mount Elgon include the Jackson Francolin, moustached green Tinker bird, and black collared Apalis, the Ugandan ranges of which are limited to Mount Elgon. The bronze Naped pigeon, Hartlaub’s Turaco and Tucazze sunbird are limited to Mount Elgon and a few other mountains in eastern Uganda. Mount Elgon is also one of the few places where the endangered lammergeyer can be seen, soaring above the caldera and Saum gorge.

All these great birds are the reasons why a Uganda Safari is considered a must do when one is planning an Africa Adventure Safari Holiday and for birding safaris, self-drive car rentals in Uganda are available, giving a guest a much more relaxing safari to Uganda

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