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Birding in the Pearl of Africa- Uganda Safaris

birding safaris in ugandaBirding is one of the main activities which are participated in by the tourists when they come for safaris to Uganda. It’s one of the activities which brings in high revenues to the country which has helped in developing the country at the same time the tourism sector.

There are many birding spots in Uganda and these have helped in increasing Uganda safaris especially the visitors interested in birding. These spots include; most of Uganda’s national parks, forests, wetlands, and those birds which come all way from Europe to Uganda.

Uganda is considered to be a birding paradise which has helped in increasing safari visits to Uganda especially those who come specifically for birding in Uganda. It’s said that over half of all the birds in Africa are found in Uganda which makes it the richest African birding destination in Africa.

Kampala city only can avail you with over 300 species of birds in just a day. These are mostly found around Lake Victoria which has got fresh waters that harbour their stay along the shores of the lake. These have attracted many birding safaris which have helped in increasing the revenues of the country since birders spend long periods in a given destination.

There are also many birds on the albertine rift and the banks of river Nile; these include the francolin, Ruwenzori turaco, the nightjar the kivu ground thrush, the shoe bill and many others which have always attracted many safari visits to Uganda.

The other site where birding can be done include Lake Bunyonyi which has got fresh waters, Semuliki national park, most of the water bodies in Uganda and also these have got many bird species which have continued to attract many safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda doesn’t only sell birds as a tourism product, but also mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, chimpanzee tracking mostly done in Kibale and in Kyambura, boat cruises, cultural tours and the nature tours , all these have helped in Increasing safaris to Uganda.

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