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Birding in Uganda- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

Uganda is considered to be a tropical of birds, and it’s the most beautiful place in Africa for the birders, Uganda has got many bird species in different destinations which has helped in increasing Uganda safaris hence helping in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

Uganda swamp bird
uganda birding

Uganda has been blessed with many bird species which has help in attracting birding safaris to the country, these birders always spend long periods of time in a specific place, this means that they spend a lot of money on their stays; this has made birding as the main tourist attraction which attracts more visitors.

Uganda has got many national parks and each of these provides a very good bird viewing environment to the birders. These national parks have continued to attract many safari visits to Uganda. One of the most fascinating forests to bird viewers is Semuliki which sits on the platform of Albertine Rift with more than 500 bird species documented together with Marsh tchagra, Abyssinian hornbill, and wonderful number of raptors.

A birding safari can also be enjoyed in Kibale National Park, this park is additionally one of the remarkable positions to search for birds, and it has got approximately 455 bird varieties including 4 species neither documented anywhere else in Uganda, National park birds’ right here include things like: green-breasted pitta, maked apalis, and blue-headed beef eater together with Nahan’s francolin. Other types embody the grassland and water sources.

 Another park which is good at attracting many visitors for birding safaris is Murchison falls national park. It’s the most significant park and is a core to bird viewers with a sum of above 560 bird varieties noted with familiar discover with the shoe bill stork down the stretch in the event that the Nile River and water birds and then the raptors produce a robust exhibiting between the bird varieties documented.

Queen Elizabeth National Park isn’t going to just enhance of having the wealthiest bio-diversity, genuinely it’s a realistically tropical for birds, with a sum of around 610 bird types noted, this percentage being the optimal in Africa and the entire world. Park can be a dwelling to 54 raptors which feature each water bird, woodland and forest birds identified in Uganda. These bird species have increased safaris in Uganda and helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

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