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uganda toursThe terrorist attacks in Kenya have alerted Uganda to tighten its security so as to have comfortable safaris in Uganda so that tourists are ensured of their safety. This is because Kenya is near to Uganda and therefore terrorists in Kenya can easily branch to Uganda and also cause harm on people and tourists which may register a bad record to tourism in Uganda hence leading to less safaris to Uganda.

The Al-Shabab in Kenya is targeting the hotels where tourists always spend their nights while on their safaris   because they know that  hotels accomodate many people. The chairman of Association of Uganda Tour Operators has encouraged the government to set up much security on the roads and the hotels of Uganda which tourists on Uganda safaris use so as there are no terrorism threats in Uganda.

He also advised government to protect the hotels, lodges, and all accommodation places where the tourists sleep so as they are safe and the tourism sector in Uganda is also protected. This will ensure protection in Uganda therefore increasing more safaris to Uganda. The chairman of Uganda Tourism Association also encouraged the East African countries to merge together and fight the Al-Shabab and all terrorism acts in their countries so as to make these countries the best places to live in hence more safaris.

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