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Birding watching in Mt. Elgon national park-Uganda Safari News

birds in ugandaMount Elgon slopes favors the growth of rich different types of vegetation’s ranging from montane forest to high open moorland vegetation characterized with the rare species of groundsel plants and  giant lobelia life. The vegetation depends on the altitude and the different vegetation zones have acted as habitat to different bird species. This makes the park to be birding destination and hence best birding site for different travellers planning safaris to Uganda.
The botanical diversity of the park avails the tourists on Uganda safaris with an opportunity to enjoy activities such as the tree species identification and among the recommendable plant life include the giant podocarpus found in only high altitude areas, the species of juniper and Elgon olive trees cedar which are only found in mountain elgon, Juniperus procera and pillar wood Cassipourea malosana as well as elder Sambucus adnata, and various orchids. Of the total species of 400 tree species recorded for the area the following are of particular note as they only occur in high altitude broad-leaf montane forest: Ardisiandra
Taking Uganda safari tours to Mountain Elgon enables the bird lover traveler to enjoy the views and sights of an estimated bird list of 300 birds including the 40 restricted bird species. A total of fifty six of the eighty seven bird species of Afro-tropical notably the Alpine Chat, Moorland Francolin as well as Moustached Green and Tinkerbird. The existence of different bird species makes the park an excellent birding area in Uganda and around the parks, the unique bird spotting points include Kapkwai Forest Exploration Center, which has the trail which leads travelers to the thick shrub along the loop trails which stretches to cover Cheptui Falls. The habitat in the park favors the survival of the promienent bird species such as the African Goshawk, African Blue Fly-catcher, Chubb’s Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia as well as , Chinspot Batis, Mackinnon’s Fiscal, Baglafecht Weaver, Dohertys and Luhders Bush-shrikes, Cinnamon Bee Eater, Moustached Tinkerbird, Black-collared Apalis, Hartloub`s Turaco, Tacazze Sunbird, Olive- and Bronze-naped pigeons,.
Besides birding experience in the park, tourists on their safaris and tours to Uganda can also participate in the memorable hiking experiences in the wonderful hiking trails of mountain Elgon national park and also one can enjoy the cultural encounters with the local people living around mountain Elgon national park.
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