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birding safaris in ugandaUganda is a paradise of birds having half of the total bird species in Africa making it the best birding safari destination to visit. Just within the city, one can see more than 300 species of birds just in one day this is because of the presence of diverse habitats for the birds. Marabou stocks are the common bird seen within the city.

There are various bird site distributed in the country. The biodiversity of Uganda lies in its majority habitats which attract both birds and other animals including reptiles offering an opportunity for safari tour in Uganda. The safari destination accommodates about 1,010 bird species in their different habitats and 13 bird species which are endangered and threatened globally and some are endemic to the country.

 Uganda’s richest bird life for safari visit lies in the rain forest with about 144 bird species. Lake Victoria basin accommodates 12 bird species and 87 bird species are found in tropical highlands. Bwindi impenetrable National Park holds about 346 of forest bird species with 8 of 28 bird species which are threatened and endangered and also has the mountain gorillas which provide an exciting gorilla trekking experiences; Murchison Falls National Park holds 450bird species, queen Elizabeth National Park hold 610 bird species and Lake Mburo with some six swamp bird species that live only in Swamps like crown and yellow nape, the thick papyrus stalks, The papyrus gonolek, red breast and black wings plus other bird species in the Park like the shoe bill stork, African fin foot among others. These parks offer one of the best safaris tour in Uganda.

Kibale National Park holds 399 bird species like bar tailed trogon, white billed crested fly catcher many more. Semliki forest reserve has 131 bird species like black throated coucal, Congo serpent eagle, Cameroon somber and so much more. Mgahinga National Park holds 115 bird species of which four are endangered globally.

 Budongo forest reserve has 340 bird species including crowned eagle, African dwarf kingfisher, red tailed thrush and others and mountainous areas has attracted about 89  forest bird species and 27% of the country’s total population. In Mabamba swamp, shoebills are seen in very many numbers, Pallied harrier, spur winged, white winged warbler among others are also seen in the swamp.

 The birds have attracted a number of safaris especially for the bird oriented tourists .this is making Uganda to enjoy exceptional economic development as seen in the hotels establishment, increase in road access and trails, and training of bird Safari guides among others.  

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