ndahura-bwindi-national-ugandaNdahura the re-known member and Silverback of Bitukura gorilla group normally explored on the Uganda gorilla safaris and tours is recorded to have lost its life on Dec 18th after it fell from a tree branch.

At around 8am, Ndahura is noted to have fell from a tall tree about 50m where it was feeding on the Chrysophylum fruits when the branch could not sustain its weight. Sadly, Ndahura could not hold on any other branch to break its fall and to make matters worse, the broken branch fell on top of him while on ground. Ndahura later struggled to sit up after the removal of the broken branch by the trackers but he remained is a state of shock for like ten (10) minutes after which he breathed his last at around 8:30am which is the usual time when the travelers on Gorilla safaris in Uganda head  to the forest to track gorillas after briefing.

The post-mortem was conducted by the team from the Gorilla Doctors and report indicates that he died of massive trauma but also his left femur had sustained multiple fractures, neck bones and shoulder had dislocated, large intestines had ruptured and most of his organs had sustained massive haemorrhages.  The death of Ndahura was very accidental as he had not even featured a lot of sickness history with the only one being the dental injuries which it sustained following a fight with a wild gorilla.

With such premature departure, the memories of Ndahura are still felt within its Gorilla family in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, the trackers, the travelers on gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda exploring Bitukura gorilla group and entire stake holders in the conservation world.

Ndahura Silverback is noted to have died at the age of twenty eight (28) years and the Rukumu Silverback is anticipated to assume the leadership of Bitukura Gorilla group.  Bitukura is one of the three habituated Mountain Gorilla groups in Ruhija sector in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park along with Oruzogo and Kyagurilo. Twelve gorilla groups are habituated in Bwindi in four regions and more two that are still undergoing habituation. This combines to make the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda worth undertaking.