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The Directorate of Citizenship and immigration Control of the Republic of Uganda is benefiting from the Gelmato – the world leader in the digital security following its supply of Coesys Visa Management that undertakes the fast issuance of all visas including those of Uganda Safari tour along with work permits through the use of bio-metric enrollment upon arrival at the port of entry.

Gemalto is supplementing the new innovation with deployment, integration, maintenance and training of the Uganda Immigration Staff.  The new scheme assists the Immigration Officers to fast track the Visa process from the application level to issuance. This new system is believed to enhance travel including travelers on Safaris in Uganda, promote national security and protect the identity of the travelers against theft.

The system also features a very convenient online portal that helps where the guests can apply for visas along with work permits at any time before travel. Those who qualify for the requested documents receive their Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) through the e-mail. When the travelers arrive at the Port of entry in Uganda, they get their visas following the ETA check, passport verification and bio-metric data collection in order to match the traveller’s presented documents.

The Gelmato Solution incorporates the link to the central control list from international and local sources along with the alert system which help to detect and manage disagreeable applicants. The system also generates central traveler database secured by an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) that can be used in sharing, searching and matching the electronic fingerprints accessible by authorities across the country.

The system which was introduced on July 1st 2016 has had a significant improvement on the Uganda travel experience and the travelers arriving for Uganda tours find the check in process smoother than ever before thus reducing their waiting time at the Entebbe International Airport which is the main gateway to Uganda.