gorilla safaris in RwandaLocally known as Kwita Izina, the Gorilla Naming Ceremony is an annual event held in Kinigi at the Head Quarters of Volcanoes National Park – the main destination for Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Rwanda where baby Mountain Gorillas are given names for purposes of conservation.

The 2017 Kwita Izina Ceremony will see a count of thirteen (13) baby gorillas named and it will be the 13th edition ever since this event was launched in 2005. The event celebrates the contribution of communities towards conservation while at the same time increasing the conservation awareness.

Kwita Izina Ceremony pulls together a count of stakeholders in the conservation both within and outside Rwanda including the travellers on Rwanda Gorilla Safaris to mark the success story of Mountain Gorilla conservation in Rwanda. The theme of the 2017 Kwita Izina Ceremony will be ‘‘Conservation and sustainable tourism a foundation for future generation’’

The Gala Dinner on Aug 26th will mark the beginning of the event with key stakeholders raising funds for conservation initiatives and this will be followed by conservation and tourism exhibition for 2 days, conservation summit on Aug 28th and 29th and the culmination of the celebrations will be on Sept 1st in Kinigi Musaze with the actual baby gorilla naming.

Mountain Gorilla Tourism remains at the centre of the Rwanda Safari tours and the tourism sector in general forms the back bone of the Rwanda’s economy. Apparently, the Gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 and 10% of this goes to the revenue sharing scheme which directly benefits communities surrounding the protected areas. Projects like schools and health centres have been put up and enhanced using this money.

So, the Sept 1st can be marked on the calendar and reserved for this special event – the Kwita Izina Ceremony in Rwanda.