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rwanda safari toursFor the Rwanda Safari undertakers interested in exploring some of the unique country’s heritage, the dancing pots present a remarkable encounter that will deliver lasting memories.

Run by the famous Batwa people, the site offers an insight study to their ancient heritage including culture and history.  The vibrancy of the thrilling drums and fascinating men demonstrating their dance skills along with the friendly smiling faces of the children backed up by melodies of the singing ladies mark the magical welcome in this maiden Rwanda tour destination.

However, the sound of drums and dancing is not what makes the image of this community. The skill of pottery is the most fascinating wonder that has made this place popular across the world. The Batwa have since the ancient past exhibited the highest degree of pottery expertise and it is a no wonder that this site teems with incredible pottery products ranging from flower vases, traditional stove and decorative animals among which the travelers on Safari in Rwanda take as souvenirs back home.

The presentation of these beautiful products is undertaken in the main kiln house while the experiential part involves mixing of clay and water which is the foundation for making of pottery products and eventual burning of the pottery in the traditional kiln. The guests love being part of this experience that in turn generates lasting Africa safari tour memories. The epitome of the visit is marked by ubusabane – a traditional get together party that brings together locals of the adjacent community for dancing and cross cultural exchange.