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rhino_ziwwaThe Uganda safari destination of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary at the 11;00 hours of the Sept 5th 2015 received a new born baby in good health condition becoming the 10th rhino baby since the year 2009.
The baby Rhino was born to Nandi which is one of the initial female Rhinos in the sanctuary. The birth of the new Rhino is welcomed with great enthusiasm as it returns the population of the Rhinos on the Sanctuary to fifteen (15) following the loss of the one which succumbed to the injuries that it had sustained in a fierce fight with a fellow Rhino thus making the sanctuary vibrant again for the encounter of the travelers on safaris in Uganda.
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is under the management of Rhino Fund Uganda which is a private Non-Governmental Organization that was put together to oversee the reintroduction of the Rhinos back to Uganda in an arrangement that would encourage breeding which would result into increased Rhino Populations that would eventually allow Uganda Wildlife Authority to introduce the Species back to the identified preferred National Parks such as Kidepo valley and Murchison Falls where they could always be viewed on Uganda safaris.
The objective of breed and re-introduce considering the sustained birth leading to increased populations of Rhinos can be estimated to be realized before the complete of the decade amounting to one of the conservation successes Uganda has ever registered.
It can be noted that Uganda’s respective conservation Authorities are discussing the progress to the reintroduction of the Black Rhinos to supplement the Southern White Rhinos that apparently exist in the Sanctuary. This is intended to achieve considerable populations in the Sanctuary before allowing the Rhinos to return in to the wilderness.
The Angie Genade, the Executive Director of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary along with her team is credited for the sustainable management of the Rhinos and opening them to the world to appreciate their existence and the conservation in the Sanctuary. A range of tour operators in Uganda have taken advantage of this, adding the Sanctuary on their packages that in turn entice the world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda