crocodileJinja is a place in Uganda that tourists always safari while on their tours in Uganda. This is a place where there are very many tourist attractions that amaze tourists on Uganda safaris. There is the River Nile which is a place of history in Uganda, the cultural centers, craft centers, traditional sites and so many other  

However the area has been affected by crocodiles which have so far killed four people and others have been injured by the crocodiles. These have therefore scared the tourists to safari Uganda thinking that they will be eaten by these crocodiles. They are found on the shores of Lake Victoria in jinja yet it is also a tourist attraction.

 The local people therefore call upon the Uganda Wildlife Authority to help them fight the problem of these crocodiles so as to attract tourists to come for more safaris in Uganda. This will make the place free for the tourists to safari therefore boosting the tourism sector and increasing the revenue of Uganda.

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