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A Stop At The Uganda Equator Crossing At Kayabwe.

Uganda equator kayabweUganda is indeed gifted by nature. Besides its remarkable wildlife including the endangered mountain gorillas that form the basis for gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, chimpanzees, lions including the tree-climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes among other wild game that form the ground for Uganda safaris and tours along with amazing water bodies, mountains and the rift valley, Uganda also has the world’s main latitude named the Equator crossing through it.
Positioned at 72km about 2 hours’ drive from Kampala, Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe is beyond the ordinary. The site has popularly gained ground in the hearts of the travelers on safaris in Uganda and the tour operators themselves as a perfect stop point along with their route to the southwestern Uganda safari destination so Lake Mburo, Bwindi  Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks.

The point of meeting of the two earth surfaces of the northern and southern hemispheres marks the geographical divide between these two spheres. The Kayabwe Equator crossing allows you to step in these two spheres at the same time with each leg enjoying the section of the earth alone. Travelers on a safari in Uganda prefer to take pictures while standing in such a position.

You get mesmerized by the people that stay around this place that see the sunrise and fall faster and also enjoy the equal length of the days and nights while enjoying the tropical climate marked by warm temperatures throughout the year which at times makes it difficult to differentiate between the seasons.
Apart from the amazing pictures and the remarkable water experiments that are always conducted to justify this geographical divide, the Equator has also turned into a souvenir center of Uganda, and travelers on Uganda safari always get themselves T-shirts and other works of art to take as memorabilia of Uganda back home.

Connecting to the Uganda Equator crossing at Kayabwe is not in any way difficult. One cannot opt to use public transport from Kampala Taxi Park connecting to Masaka and then it drops you at the site with a fare of 10,000/= to 15,000/= or opt for a private drive in your vehicle or hire a vehicle from any agent that does car hire in Uganda.
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