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akagera national park RWandaAkagera national park is park located in the north eastern Rwanda which is near Tanzania border, this park was named after Akagera River which flows along the eastern boundary of Lake Ihema. This park has greatly attracted many safaris to Rwanda which has helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector in Rwanda.

The park has got rolling hills with wood land which is coupled with scattered grassland and swamps which is along the meandering water course combined so that it can bring about the scenic beauty of the lake. These unique features of the park have greatly helped in increasing the number of safaris in Rwanda hence helping in developing the tourism sector.

The park is mostly covered with savannah and it has got many wildlife species and these include; the elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, hyenas and the lions, all these have helped at attracting more tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda, this is so amazing since it is covered by water which has also encouraged many tourist activities.

The park also provides chance for those who prefer camping with in the national park; this activity is loved by many tourists, who come for Rwanda safaris, this is because they get to taste the wilderness and this means that the park has always given the tourists the best experience.

The park also has got many game drives which help the tourists to enjoy wild game with in the park, these animals include; elephants, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, hyenas and the lions, and many more. This has greatly helped in increasing the safari tours to Rwanda hence increasing the revenues of the country.

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