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Abyssinian Roller

Also referred to as Coracias abyssinicus, the Abyssinian roller is a notable Uganda safari tour bird species belonging to the roller family that breeds across the tropical belt in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Abyssinian Roller is a medium sized bird stretching from 28 – 30cm marked with a brown back and blue plumage on the rest of the body.  The Adult Abyssinian ground roller feature 12cm tail ribbons and the two sexes are similar as viewed on birding safaris in Uganda.

The rollers majorly perch on trees, overhead wires or posts looking out for gigantic insects along with small rodents to feed. In case of forest fire, they take advantage of the disturbed invertebrates. The diet includes; grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars and beetles along with alate termites. The Abyssinian rollers are notably fearless and would dive and roll at intruders including humans while displaying its turns and twists forming the background for its naming.  The Abyssinian roller nests in tree hole or building and lays a range of three (3) to six (6) eggs.

Besides the tropical belt of Sub Sahara Africa, Abyssinian roller thrives in the outside world including western Yemen and South western Saudi Arabia. It is common in warm open country areas with some trees and have adapted to farmland and the human settlement.

The Abyssinian roller is listed as species of least concern under the IUCN red list.  In Uganda, this bird species can be explored in Kidepo Valley National Park while on Uganda birding safari and this can be done by purchasing an all inclusive package or by arranging private travel using the self drive car rental services in Uganda.