Lake-Victoria_UgandaLake Victoria is the largest astonishing and magnificent fresh water body in the whole of African Continent. This third largest water body of the world with an estimated size of 68800square kilometers is located in the Pearl of Africa and the wonderful lake is one of the main reasons as to why Uganda Safaris are increasing now and then. The lake which is Uganda’s pride was named after the first explore John Hannington Speke discovering it in the year 1858 when he was on his safaris in Uganda in search of the source of the source of the longest River in the world which is the Nile. Therefore any traveller who is searching for destination with one of the world’s largest fresh water body the only option is confirming Uganda safaris in East Africa.
The lake is not only an attraction in the country Uganda but rather it’s of so many values to the local Ugandan and even Non-Ugandan. It acts as source of water for all most the whole country and  the lake provides fertile soils where people carry out agricultural activities. In terms of tourism the wonderful lake has beautiful atmosphere which well comes visitors immediately they arrive on  Uganda‘s International Airport Entebbe.
Lake victoria is also locally called lake Nalubale  and exploring this lake is an adventure experience which no visitor should miss telling their travel agents when taking Uganda safaris to include in the itinerary because the lake is so amazing and it doesn’t start and end in Uganda but extends to other East African countries such as Kenya habouring the Kenyan important ports like Mwanza, Kisumu, as well as cover some part of Tanzania. Therefore following this trend while exploring the third largest lake in the world will really leave the visitor contended that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and the number one destination for all travellers planning to take safaris to Uganda.
The most impressing bit of exploring the lake victoria is that visitors will have chance to view and spend some magical time in the different beautiful Islands that are found in differ parts of the lakes. Among these Island include the fascinating Ssese as well as Ngamba islands which are not just mere Islands but relaxing centers of the world and ones one is in this island he or she will never think he or she is in the lake, Ngamba is also home of habituated Chimpanzee species and this means taking adventure trip in lake will enable visitor to even watch the interesting Apes. The Victoria Island are blessed with the beautiful and interesting sandy beaches as well as resorts accompanies with the cool breeze emanating from the lake, the lake’s Islands are entertained with the nice sounds of the various bird species. This really makes it the number place for adventurous travellers seeking to get themselves away from the home stress and city hassle .All the interesting experience warp up visitors memorable Uganda Safari.
Besides the lake its self, visitors to this world’s wonder will also enjoy views of a variety of wildlife species that can be found with in the lake and among these include the water habitant Crocodiles as well as interesting Hippos without forgetting the unique bird species which swim in the lake waters, feed in the nearby areas. Embracing safari to Uganda will also enable visitors to enjoy different tourist’s activities such as spot fishing in the waters of the lake, kayaking and boat cruising among others. Therefore for any visitor, who was looking for any interesting and pleasure like place to include in his or her Uganda safari, please do not leave out the largest lake in Africa.
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