bwindi mountain gorillasRwanda mountain gorillas are mostly found in Volcanoes National park which has got over 400 mountain gorillas; these have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda, which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

Volcanoes National park has got many groups of mountain gorillas which have helped in increasing gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda. These groups are frequently visited by many visitors and only 8 tourists are allowed to trek a particular group. This has helped in reducing the transmission of diseases from humans to the mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas have got unique characteristics which are enjoyed by the tourists who come for gorilla safaris to Rwanda. This has been attributed to their unique understanding and the relationship they have with the humans, these gorillas spend most of their time feeding and sleeping, they also construct their nests being led by the silverback.

The tourists who come for mountain gorilla trekking are always given one hour to spend with the gorillas, this has help to prevent human- animal contacts since they are always give instructions to follow while they are carrying out the activity.

Apart from mountain gorillas, Rwanda has got many attractions which are also enjoyed by the tourists who come for mountain gorilla treks, these include; chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, cultural safaris, nature tours and, many more.

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