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Adventure Safari Tour to Source of River Nile

Widely known as the world’s longest river, the Nile River is not only the lifeline of Egypt but also a dependable pillar for many African nations like Uganda and greater Sudan. Its renowned history from the biblical period right up to the modern times makes people marvel at its Genesis. Jinja in Uganda is the proud home of River Nile, and notably referred to by many as the adventure capital of East Africa. Today it attracts numerous visitors from near and beyond who yearn to have a taste of a typical Adventure Safari Tour to Source of River Nile

River Nile in Jinja particularly has five classes of awe-inspiring water rapids surrounded by the magnificent green and lush vegetation. The most interesting part of river Nile is the roar of its rapids that are categorized into 5 classes. It is also characterized by flat waters, steeper nature of water, scale magnitude providing a better platform for white water rafting in Uganda. Bujagali falls was the first place where rafting was first initiated in Uganda because of the high levels of water rapids during the early days. It was a prime destination for adventure vacation tours in Uganda before it was submerged after the Hydro power dam construction.

The Tropical Island perched in the middle of Lake Victoria with calm waters, pleasant sunshine and perfect roaring sound of water fall provides extremely memorable experience during your visit and the famous crashing white water providing awesome background for visitors who are interested in photo shoots.

White water rafting is an amazing adventure, as well as leisure activity, preferably undertaken in fast running waters; to participate in this activity; visitors are advised to put on light clothes and strapped sandals among other requirements. This premier adventure provides visitors with everlasting memories of out door experience because there is lots of fun due to its uniqueness and out of the ordinary thrill.

In Jinja, one can also enjoy other sporting activities like mountain cycling, horse riding, quad biking, jet skiing, kayaking, sun set and sunrise boat cruises on the popular Lake Victoria. The exquisite attractions and calm atmosphere of Jinja have turned it into one of the prime sites for honeymoon holidays in Uganda. Be assured you will nourish romance and enjoy more love with your partner under the inspiration of Mother Nature.

A Uganda tour to the source of River Nile is one of the short excursions you can choose to do while in the East Africa and Africa at large. It can just be a day’s trip or two or choose to combine with a long holiday safari in Uganda.

The River Nile is where outdoor adventure naturally begins and ends and that is what makes it an Adventure Safari Tour to Source of River Nile