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aerolink-UgandaAs earlier noted by Prof. Jacques Alexandre Cesare Charles that all was glorious — a cloudless sky above, a most delicious view around. How great is our good fortune! I care not what may be the condition of the earth; it is the sky that is for me now. One can note that traversing Uganda on the wings of aero link is another memorable encounters of its own that a traveller on Uganda safari tour can boast to have had.
Aero link is a domestic carrier company that operates both chartered and scheduled flights to various destinations that are encountered by travellers on safaris in Uganda. Having its ground base at Entebbe International Airport which is the main air point of entry and exist for all travellers to and from Uganda including those on safari tours to Uganda, Aero link capitalizes on its Cessna Grand Caravans to provide flights to re-known destinations of Bwindi (Kisoro and Kihihi airstrips) famous for gorilla trekking safaris, Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya and Kasese Airstrips), Murchison Falls (Pakuba, Chobe and Bugungu Airstrips), Semuliki National Park (Semliki airstrip) and Kidepo Valley National Park (Apoka Airstrip) famous for wildlife safaris in Uganda.
Aero link provide lasting encounters as the passengers are enabled to fly with their pilots in a clear glass cockpit thus doubling as transportation and learning adventure. The carrier company enables Uganda safari undertakers to connect to distant places like Bwindi which would take 10 hours if transferred by road to just one hour and fifteen minutes saving them great time and energy.
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