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AFDB is the African Development Bank and this last week organized a meeting in Rwanda’s capital city Kigali so as to talk about the ways of developing the Economy of Rwanda so as to have more Rwanda safaris. Within this meeting the AFDB offered Rwanda $400 million which is going to be used very well so as to develop Rwanda and attract many safaris to Rwanda.

The funds will help improve the infrastructures of Rwanda like the roads so as tourists on Rwanda safari can move well to the tourist sites that they want to safari, the tourists sites in Rwanda will also be developed so as more tourists are attracted to come and have safari visits to Rwanda and see unique attractions on top of the Genocide Memorial Site, Dian Fossey, Volcanoes National Park and others.

The hotels where the tourists sleep while on their safaris in Rwanda are also going to be beautiful so as tourists can have more than they expect while in Rwanda. The funds are also going to be used to create jobs in Rwanda so as to fight poverty and the outcomes of being idle like thefty, gambling and so many others. The other sectors will also be developed and this will therefore attract investors inform of tourists to come and invest in the country hence more Rwanda safaris.

The increase in the number of safaris to Rwanda will also help develop the tourism sector as much revenue will be registered in Rwanda and this will be invested in tourism still. This will therefore make Rwanda a tourist destination therefore attracting many tourists to come and enjoy safaris in Rwanda.

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