ebola crisisThe Ebola crisis is one of the deadly epidemics that have ever hit the African continent disorganizing the economies of African countries especially the tourism sector as the world travellers had to halt their safaris that they had planned to Africa including safaris to Uganda in order not to be affected by the Virus.
The Ebola Crisis existed in few countries n the west of Africa but was unfortunate that the crisis was generalized to have affected the whole continent posing a bad image for distant destinations like those in the East Africa thus affecting the number arrivals including those that would attempt to undertake safaris in Uganda.
Though there was only 2% rise in the tourist arrivals on the whole continent last year, Africa has been sympathized worldwide that it suffered the symptoms of Ebola Virus that were associated with the whole continent unfairly.
The operators from different countries noted that the travellers including Uganda safari undertakers cancelled their trips as a result of the Ebola issue. The world travellers were ignorant about the distances involved. For example the gap between South Africa and West Africa or between West Africa and Kenya is much wider than between West Africa and North America even. This ignorance about distances explains why a traveller would post pone a safari to Uganda when actually Ebola was in Sierra Leone.
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