Imagine seeing the whole Africa in Uganda! Indeed, Uganda is the pearl of Africa. Uganda safaris can prove that Uganda is Africa’s beauty. Uganda is an ecological environment with richness in wildlife, fauna and flora. Uganda the pearl of Africa is the origin of the great source of the Nile. It goes through South Sudan (White Nile) straight up to Egypt where it connects to the Mediterranean Sea.

Safaris to Uganda can leave you marveled at the beautiful nature in Africa. Uganda has numerous National parks, game reserves and beautiful wildlife game areas. Uganda is also among the few countries that harbors the mighty sought for primates the gorillas. Visitors come to be part of gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

Just like Uganda, DR Congo also has fascinating places like Kahuzi Beiga National Park. You can have a Congo gorilla safari tour where you get to see the muscular silverback gorillas.

Uganda safaris

Rwenzori mountains are a beauty…

Did you know!

Uganda is a country represented by diverse and fascinating cultures. These cultures do have the most welcoming and entertaining people you can ever meet in Africa. The country has a very conducive atmosphere and weather that is friendly to the tourists.

The pearl of Africa has species of birds that flit from place to place. Birding is a whole fun experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Come for safaris to Uganda and get to see the stunning birds spreading their wings in the air.

Mountain Rwenzori, one of the tallest mountains in Africa is found in Uganda. Some of its highest peaks are snowcapped that makes it so fun to go for a hike. Uganda is also a mother to the largest lake in the continent which is Lake Victoria.

All mentioned above is just a tip of the iceberg. But Uganda as a country has quite a number of interesting things you would like to interact with. A Uganda safari will surely prove the point that Africa’s beauty does lay in Uganda.


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