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Akagera Natiolionnal Park is one of the famous Rwanda safari parks with a great deal of tourist potential. Found in the eastern side of Rwanda, Akagera National Park is a home to a wide range of wild game including elephants, buffaloes, zebras, waterbuck, leopard, kobs and giraffe which make it ideal for wildlife safaris in Rwanda.
However, it can be noted some other prominent land animals like lions currently none exist in the park. The story being their absence dates back to effects of Rwanda civil war of 1990 – 1994 with its genocide. When the Tutsi returned to Rwanda, they encroached the park and threatened the lives of wildlife including lions that proved dangerous to them. Most of the wildlife ran away while others were killed which explains why lions cannot be seen in the park while on safari in Rwanda.
Considering the country’s efforts to maximize her tourism potentials, the recent information from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) indicates that there is an ongoing process to re-stock lions in Akagera National Park by 2015. There have been several attempts to import lions from Kenya though it did not materialize due to opposition from Kenya conservation bodies.
The plan is to have lions with a DNA that can easily blend in the environment of Rwanda and this explains why the efforts to import lions have been rotating with in the region. Apparently, the efforts are featuring Uganda and Botswana. Though the process of transferring wild animals from one country to another is very hard, the Rwanda Development Board is more determined than ever before with the option of buying them from individuals if all fails.
Once the lions are re-introduced, Rwanda will have diverse wildlife and extended tourist products that goes beyond gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking. This will definitely increase safaris to Rwanda.

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