bufaloes in Uganda Buffaloes together with lions, elephants, leopard and Rhinos form the Big five cluster of Land animals which are usually encountered by travellers on while on safari in Uganda. The buffaloes are such huge creatures that appear like bulls and thrive greatly feed on grass a reason why dwell mostly in the savannah landscapes of East Africa including the grassland areas of Uganda where they are usually seen while on Uganda safaris.
These species of recent terrorized the residents of the Sub-county of Kapelebyong in the district of Amuria where eight (8) of them invaded the mentioned village. The Uganda safari species which are thought to have strayed from Kidepo Valley National Park in the region of Karamoja invaded the people’s rice gardens which were ready for harvesting.
The villages that were visited by the buffaloes include; Akulonyo, Omokor and Okoboi in the sub-county of Kapelebyong. The animals are thought to have followed water from River Ongorikipi which flows to Teso from Karamoja.
The buffaloes though they appear as reserved species, they are dangerous wild animals that can even kill humans. Thus their invasion of the communities is something that has to be handled by respective Authorities like Uganda Wildlife Authority for safety of the people and the buffaloes themselves so as to ensure the thriving of safari tours to Uganda.
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