vistajet2The establishment of an airport in Kampala city will be so important in the development of the tourism industry in Uganda since this will definitely help in developing domestic tourism with in the country and also helping in increasing safaris to Uganda since also the number of international visits will improve.

This airport will help in decreasing the jam that happens to Entebbe International Airport since the tourists will fly directly to the new airport. This will also help in improving Uganda safaris hence helping in the development of the tourism sector in Uganda.

The airport will help in boosting tourism in Uganda and also helping in helping in improving air transport with in the country. This will help in increasing the revenues of the sector since the number of safari tours will increase and also improving the operation of domestic flights with in the country.

Since Uganda is a land locked country, the government needs to look for an alternative means of transport which can help to ease the movement of people to the country and outside of the country. The development of this airport will help to ease the movement of tourists who will come for safari visits to Uganda.

The extension of Entebbe Airport will also help in improving the tourism sector since the movement of tourists will be eased and developed which will help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

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