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mabira  forest  reserve - ugandaUganda is a land gifted by God and Ugandan citizens are never wrong when they brag about the abundance of life displayed in nature. Tourists who have been on Safaris and tours to Uganda are witnesses to the beauty showcased by so many areas in the boundaries of Uganda. One of the many gorgeous things gifted to this country are its rain forests and the largest of these is found along the highway leading to the source of the Nile.
Mabira forest is situated 60km east of Kampala by road; a travel time of about an hour on road depending on the flow of traffic. Travelers can get a taxi from the Kampala city bus park or they can hire private transportation from one of the car hire companies. They will have to drive through part of Wakiso district, Mukono district until they arrive at Mabira which is found in Buikwe district. When you reach Buikwe, you will realize that highway is well guarded by a thick community of trees.
Mabira has since 1932 been considered as a National Forest Reserve so as to protect some of the unique flora and fauna therein, for even Uganda’s future Safari guests to enjoy. Despite some unfortunate deforestation and logging campaigns that have been carried out in the forest, Mabira has continued to hold its biodiversity and is still rich in plant, tree and fern species.
Observing the forest from the highway is a beautiful experience, but trotting deep into the fine paths sheltered by an evergreen canopy tells an incredibly different story. The nature walk through the forest makes your tour and safari in Uganda to feel like a fairytale. The forest’s interior is well oxygenated; the kind of fresh air that would wake someone from a comma.
Mabira has a number of fauna species including butterflies, medium and small-sized mammals like the gymnastically agile red tailed monkeys and bushbucks; and bird species like Nahan’s Francolin, the Black Hornbill and the blue Turaco.
Mabira forest (a name that originates from “Ekibira” meaning forest in Luganda); is quite popular for its species of trees which serve as curative herbs. These attract congregations from all over Uganda and many parts of Africa as they seek a cure for their illnesses. Among these tree herb species the most commonly sought after is the citroposis which is called “Mukuza Nume” in Luganda and is believed to boost the sexual potency of men.
Being a catchment area for a number of streams, swamps and lakes; the weather in Mabira forest is calm and ideal for having a bush lunch or a picnic on one of the afternoons of your Uganda Safari and Tour. A visit to Mabira Forest is not only highly recreational but it enables travelers to learn a great deal and to see some of the things that make Uganda a gifted destination.

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