Uganda which has been listed by various travel platforms as an ideal safari destination popular for her packages of gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris and chimpanzee trekking safaris among others has of recent been battling with the issue of homosexuality. The country introduced the anti-gay bill which was promulgated into law before it was challenged in the courts of law and removed. This caused an international alarm championed by human rights activists and the gays themselves which even made the gay travelers to revise their plan of planning safari tours to Uganda.
After the law was challenged, the legislators and other traditionists have always wanted the bill re-tabled and passed again. In fact, the members of parliament are thought to be in preparations of re-introducing the motion before they breakoff for festive holidays. However, the largest bilateral investor in Uganda has warned Uganda that the move to enact anti-gay laws are damaging the economy and scaring to the investors some of which invest in tourist products that are encountered by travelers while on safari in Uganda.
The Ambassador of the United States to Uganda Scott DeLisi notes that the move has damaged not only the Ugandan economy but also the East African economy in general. The travellers including Uganda safari undertakes changed their destinations, conferences were shifted to other countries, and Ugandan coffee was abandoned among others. The Ambassador made these remarks at the reception Corporate Council of East Africa that is aimed at promoting US-Africa trade. However, the Minister of Trade in the Ugandan government Hon. Amelia Kyambade noted that the country will find a middle ground thus the investors should not be worried.
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