apoka_safari_lodgeOur decision to get on board a Safari often means that we want to experience something beyond the usual, and to cool off the weight of the stress that our daily routine tends to pile on our shoulders. Our holidays are a time to enjoy the fruits of the tedious days of work that form the bigger part of our year. We invest a lot in our holidays and we should therefore enjoy an equally high quality experience. This experience should never fall below this bar.
With the mind and heart of the traveler as the source of inspiration for crafting customized extraordinary services; a Lodge in the heart of Uganda’s lonely Kidepo Valley National Park continues to excellently provide accommodations for guests. Apoka Safari Lodge is undeniably the finest luxury accommodation lodge for visitors on Uganda tours and Safaris to Kidepo; a national park in the country’s northeastern corner.
Majestically engraved in a rock outcrop Apoka Safari lodge is the best spot to stretch your limbs out wide, rest your head, enjoy delicious meals or simply have a frigid revitalizing soft drink, not forgetting the fine views of the gold-green savanna plains that stretch continually, filled with African wild game including the majestic lions, spotted leopards, huge ostriches, towering giraffes and the gigantic elephants.
The beauty of this lodge’s ambience will overcloud the love you had for the city. Here you will not miss anything in the city, because Apoka serves you to modern city amenities juxtaposed with traditional pleasantness. The mega-sized beds in Apoka’s ten (10) rooms, the woolen floorings, the huge soft towels, modern toilet facilities and the skillfully molded furniture, not forgetting the skillful and friendly members of staff, are just a few things that you should not be surprised to see while on your Kidepo Safari in Uganda.
The lodge offers ample room for guests to lounge, read a magazine or simply find a quiet place to peruse through the pages of the best book on your kindle. I won’t forget to mention the massive swimming pool which was artistically dug into the adjacent rock outcrop. With its deep and cool waters, even the least skillful of swimmers will be attracted to just step in, to cool off from the regular heat in this semi-arid region of Uganda.
Apoka’s only recurrently committed sin is to offer high-class comfort to her visitors; I hope you can forgive her for that. The lodge attracts all tourists to “Come and drink in the view, Come and feel the lion’s roar in your chest, Come and stay a while”. Why look further when seeking a topnotch lodge to enjoy a sweet dream in the center of Africa’s prime Safaris and Tours destination. Apoka Safari Lodge is the comprehensive package!

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