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apoka safari lodgeApoka Safari Lodge is one of the recommendable safari lodges in Uganda where travelers on Uganda safari destination of Kidepo National park can enjoy wildernesses experience with world class services. At the lodge you will enjoy your relaxation moments with the views of different wild animals that come to your door-steps. When staying in the safari lodge, you will enjoy the beautiful wonders in terms of unique beautiful scenery that characterizes Kidepo Park, distinct wild life that is conserved and protected in the remote areas of Kidepo national park.
Located in the heart of African wild, Apoka Lodge has set a safe haven experience here in Uganda just for travelers who under take safaris to Uganda to meet the rare wilderness encounter in the astounding Kidepo national park. The convenience offered to you in this lodge is unquestionable and the fashion as well as class which surrounds you while staying in this lodge gives you true wildernesses experience which cannot be got any were else in Uganda.
The lodge’s ornament is stunning with services of the en-suite bathrooms, an outside stone provided next to your room is aimed at offering you great enjoyment of the bath beneath the bright beautiful stars of the superb Kidepo Valley and all these make the lodge the only lodging option that travelers on Uganda safaris should opt for when exploring the Karamoja region where Kidepo national park is located.
Apoka safari lodge provides accommodation in the ten wonderful rooms and each room is built using local wood and also thatched. The veneration of the lodge is well chosen to fit the unique the natural landscape and hence staying here makes you to have feel the authenticity natural environment. Apoka safari lodge is the only lodge where a visitor on Uganda safari tour can decide to sit in their outdoor bathtub below the bright shining stars, or take choice of lying on their own private veranda where they can easily enjoy the cool, nice breathtaking view and sights of the wonderful landscape dotted with different wild life like zebras plus the giraffes and African elephants, as well as buffaloes.
While staying at Apoka Safari Lodge, you can enjoy nature interesting walks under the guidance of well experienced as well as highly-trained guides that accompany you through tracking of the magnificent games easily found around the sandy dry areas. Apoka safari lodge is the only place where you can enjoy splendid sleep without any interruptions. Staying in this particular Lodge is experience of its own which no visit on safaris to Uganda should miss exploring while visiting Kidepo national park.
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