ATA logoATA is Africa Travel Association and is an association that deals with promoting travel and tourism to different parts of Africa. This helps advertise all the public and private dealers in tourism so as to have more safaris to Uganda and the countries contributing in tourism therefore boosting the tourism sector.

Uganda has therefore got a chance to host the Africa Travel Association which has always been the dream of Uganda to have these people work with Uganda so as to boost her tourism sector and increase more safaris in Uganda. This is therefore going to help Uganda compete with its competitors that is Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and others so as to have more Uganda safaris.

The people in Africa Travel Association are going to safari the different tourist sites in Uganda as they are to arrive before the congress. This will help them market the sites to their followers so as to attract more tourists on Uganda safari. These will also advise Uganda on her chances so as to make Uganda a tourist destination hence more Uganda safaris.

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