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The only temple of the Baha’i faith in Africa, Uganda Baha’i Temple is positioned on the crest of Kikaya in Kawempe division, north of Kampala and is usually encountered on Uganda safari tours.
Standing out from a distance and viewed from different hills of Kampala, the Baha’i Temple is one of the rich tourist attractions that the city of Kampala has got to offer to a range of Uganda safari undertakers. Established in January 1958 and dedicated in 1961, the Baha’i temple was designed by Charles Mason Remey.
The Baha’i faith like most other religious denominations in Uganda were banned in Uganda during the Amin’s era following the killing of Enoch Olinga the founder of the Baha’i faith in Uganda but received its renaissance in the country after the over throw of Idi Amin.
The Baha’i Temple is 130feet (39m) in height and 100m (13m) in width while its roof is 124 feet (37m) in height and 44 feet (13m) in width which makes it a gigantic structure that should not be missed while on safaris in Uganda. Its foundation is 10 feet (3m) entrenched in the underground making it strong to withstand the worldly earthquakes.
Besides the magnificent temple structure, the Baha’i Temple has got lush gardens that are spread across the hill with cool winds passing through the lush trees and flowers which makes it a perfect picnic site to encounter and worth visiting while planning your safari to Uganda.
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