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Busoga located in the east of Uganda right from the shores of Lake Victoria, the margins of the Mabira rain forest extending to the Far East has got impressive heritage with the potential to attract world travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda.
The Busoga Cultural and heritage sites range from the famous source of the Nile, Kazimbula, Nenda and the Mpumwiire and Igenge hills some of which are always encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The Basoga elders and other stakeholders in the monarchy embarked on this move in order to avert the continued depletion that is occurring at these sites. The Prince Patrick Izimba Gologolo who is the Chief of the Chiefdom of Kigulu notes the failure of the sites is contributing to their depletion as the Government which is currently responsible for them has neglected them.
The Busoga Kingdom has got a feeling that they can take better custody of these sites that can be visited by Uganda safari undertakers more than the Government because they are the ancestral owners.
The Chief of Bunhole, John Ntale Nanhumba supports the move and notes that their desire to build a glorious Kingdom might be difficult if the royal sites are still in the hands of Local and Central Government. The Kingdom’s spokesperson for the interim committee, Andrew Ntange notes that the push for the assets return is a positive step in re-establishing the monarchy.
However, the Government represented by Grace Aulo who is a Director in Tourism Ministry is reluctant to commit its self to such move as some of the sites are already International tourist attractions that pull crowds of travelers to undertake Uganda safaris.
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