birding in bwindi forestBwindi Impenetrable National park, positioned in the south western park of Uganda is famous to many travelers on their Uganda gorilla trekking safaris as gorilla trekking destination only .However, the natural habitat in Bwindi also houses different bird species and hence making it one of the recommendable bird watching areas that make Uganda a top birding destination in the whole of African continent.
The ancient forest of Bwindi Impenetrable composed of various natural habitats is supporting the survival of an estimated total of 348 unique species of birds and therefore your gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda’s Bwindi will allow you to trek the mountain gorillas as well as viewing the different species of the bird life supported in the park. A tour to different areas of the park will enable traveler on Uganda safaris to get closer account of different bird like Broad bill bird species which can be only found in Bwindi in the whole of Uganda. The other endangered bird species easily sighted in the park are Blue-headed sun-bird, warbler.
The dark forest of Bwindi venerated with different bird species have made gorilla trekking safaris tours in Uganda’s Bwindi the most memorable experience because the trekkers are entertained by different bird sounds and melodies. The different bird species which can be watched in the gorilla trekking trails in Bwindi enable tourists to get memorable time in Uganda before even encountering the mountain gorillas. Bird species which are easily sighted in the trekking trails include species of the Red-headed Blue-Bil, White-tailed Blue Flycatchers, impressing African Emerald Cuckoo, the shinning African Blue and the precious and the Common Bul-bul.
Ruhiija sector is the famous sector in Bwindi where traveler on Bird watching safaris tours to Uganda can enjoy the elusive sights, views of the stunning bird species. The region is the most recommended birding region in Bwindi because its endowed with different bird species which are very attractive ,entertaining .Ruhija region also has unique bird species of birds connecting to different feeding flocks which are roaming in the Ruhija region almost 24hours.The appropriate time recommendable for bird watching in Bwindi’s Ruhija sector is during early morning hours and the likely species one may view include shining Francolin white-tailed crested , western Green Tinker, Flycatcher and Cinnamon-chested bee-eater, woodland Warbler, Rwenzori batis,
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