Busoga region is also coming up to promote tourism in the country, this is because of the presence of Bishop Hannington‘s death site which is located on Kyando hill, this site has attracted many Uganda safaris , which has helped in increasing revenues of the region and also developing the tourism sector in Uganda.

The site has got much religious significance and also it provides fascinating experience to the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. This has helped in developing the tourism sector and also increasing the revenues of country.

The area is well known for religious, historical and cultural significance, all these have helped in increasing the number of safari visits to the area, which has mostly benefited the local people who live near the site.

Kyando is an area which is in Mayuge town just near Lake Victoria, it’s also along the hill with a popular church which was built to remember Bishop Hannington ‘s journey to Busoga, this site has greatly attracted many safari tours to the country and also helped in developing the tourism sector.

Busoga has got many tourist attractions which have kept on attracting many visitors to enjoy safaris with in the country, these include; Itanda falls which also supports white water rafting, river Nile, part of Lake Victoria and also the culture of the Basoga People.

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