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The Majestic Boat Cruise along Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park is considered one of the best cruises on an Africa Safari tour to Uganda. Kazinga channel is a narrow water way in the Uganda safari destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park that covers a distance of 45 kilometers connecting Lake George in the East and Lake Edward in the west. Kazinga channel avails endless opportunities to have priceless views of the most unique flora and fauna and scenery of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park for the travelers on holiday safari in Uganda.

The banks of Kazinga channel are a home to largest number of hippos and crocodiles that visitors undertaking wildlife safaris in Uganda can glance at; while at Mweya peninsular, it provides you endless chances to view variety of beautiful birds such as flamingos, kingfisher and African skimmers enjoying the water environment of Kazinga channel.  No wonder, it’s one of key sites explored on Uganda birding safaris.

Kazinga channel boat cruise offers a brilliant opportunity to actually move closer towards the game on the edge of the river banks without fear of safety, more so amazing sightings of beautiful wildlife species of the Queen Elizabeth National Park on the shores including elephants, buffaloes, and defassa waterbucks among others.

Kazinga Channel boat cruises operate both in the morning at 9am and 11am and in the afternoon at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm with two operators namely; Uganda Wildlife Authority and Marasa Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is still one of the most popular and prime game parks in Uganda and Africa, due to its diversity ranging from the verdant wild game including the Big five except Rhinos, Katwe explosion crater, Kyambura gorge and its Chimpanzees, Maramagambo forest, Ishasha sector with its tree climbing lions and the diverse culture of the surrounding communities. These combine to make Uganda Safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park worthwhile!