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boatcruise ugandaBoat Cruise is at times called boat trip, launch cruise and tourists enjoy the activity while on their safaris in Uganda. The activity is done by the boat sailing on water with a helmsman inside plus the tourists on Uganda safari. The activity is so easy to carry out because it does not need energy but it is so interesting.

Boat cruise are carried out on the lakes like, Lake Victoria ,lake George and so many others. It is also enjoyed in the National Parks of Uganda by the Tourists on their safaris in Uganda. National parks like Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and so many others give tourists the best of this activity therefore having fun on their Uganda safaris.

Tourists that carryout the boat cruises are always exposed to the water animals like the crocodiles, hippos, birds and so many others. The activity also extends you to different wildlife attractions as you drive round the areas near the lakes. This is so interesting that all tourists on Uganda safaris should not miss this activity.

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