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The Wildebeests Migrating across E. Africa
The Wildebeests Migrating across E. Africa

The Great Migration is one of the iconic features of the East Africa Safari tours and has been listed among the wonders of the natural world.

The amazing feature of the Great Migration is that it’s a continuous process that has occurred for a range of decades past fascinating the ancient explorers and its continued occurrence proves the sustainability of the incredible wildlife safari experiences in the region. Travelers on Safaris in Tanzania and Kenya interested in this amazing wonder have to be aware of the seasons to as to enjoy accordingly.

From November through to March, they are spread in the Ndutu area which is part of the scenic Ngorongoro Conservation Area and in the southern and central sectors of Serengeti National Park. Calving occurs in Mid Feb to March. They face the north towards the Grumeti River in the month of June after which they spend the months of July and August in the far north with some herds thriving in Grumeti Game Reserve and Ikorongo. The spectacular Mara River crossing occurs in September where the animals make their way through the crocodile infested Mara River to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Here, the Kenya Safari tour undertakers are gathered at different points to witness this legendary crossing!

The Great Migration as it’s famously known involves over 1.4 million wildebeest along with hundreds of thousands of Zebras. The Thomson Gazelles also tend to join this legendary journey in quest for fresh feeding opportunities.   The Wildebeest and the Zebras have developed a symbiotic relationship that is motivated by a range of factors. Zebras feed on long grass which allows the Wildebeest to find the preferred short grasses; Wildebeest feature an outstanding smell for water while Zebras are very keen as regards watching out for predators.

This incredible journey of the Wildebeest along with Zebras and Gazelles is recorded as the world’s largest overland migration with animals covering not less than 800km during each Migration cycle.

The spectacular Great Migration is at times combined with gorilla safari in Uganda, Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda and also Congo Gorilla Safaris allowing the world travelers to explore the East Africa’s diverse natural offerings.