birding safaris - uganda safarisSpanning on an area of 42800 hectares of land, Budongo forest is composed of diverse natural habitat such as wood land, savanna vegetation characterized with semi deciduous verdant forests as well as being located in rolling landscape. The nature forest is also supplied with water by the three small rivers surrounding the forests and among these includes Sonso, river, River Waisoke and also Bubwa River. All these different natural habitats in the forest have favored the thriving of exclusive bird species in Budongo forest and hence making the forest the best place were travelers on Birding watching safaris to Uganda can enjoy their birding Uganda Safaris.
This eminent Eco-tourism site in Uganda is wonderful birding destination situated on the fascinating escarpments lying in the northeast direction of the famous Lake Albert. Among the various bird species that have been recorded in this forest are 360 species that will certainly reward you with a very amazing birding Uganda safari experience in this great forest in Uganda. Besides the bird  the forest is also endowed with total of 290 species of butter flies as well as 130 species of moths, all which can be found in the forest.
Under taking bird watching Safaris to Uganda’s Budongo forest will avail you with the chance of watching the special two species of birds which are endemic to only the Budongo forest. The two endemic species cannot be found elsewhere in East Africa. According to the Ugandan ranking, the forest is considered second birding destination after the mighty Semliki National Park located in western part of Uganda. One of the best reasons as to why Budongo forest is ranked among the best birding destination is that the forest is blessed with the rare species which cannot be seen in other forests in Uganda and among these species include Ceratogymna fistulator, Zoothers camaronensis as well as, Neafrapus cassini and Batis ituriensis
Being diversified forests, tourists under taking safaris in Uganda can also enjoy the different five main forests that make up the Budongo forest and these include Cynometra-mixed, swamp-forest, as well as Cynometra. The existence of various forests offer guests chance to carry out other activities such as identifying tree species, tracking chimpanzee, forest walks among other activities.
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