busoga tourismThe Turkish investors were led by the speaker of parliament Honorable Rebecca Kadaga who led them to safari Uganda’s region that is Busoga. Here they were amazed about the interesting tourist attractions in the region including the source of the Nile, the cultural activities and properties, traditional dances and so many others. 

These entertained them and were happy to propose their investment in the region’s tourism sector so as to attract more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda and therefore make Uganda a tourist destination. This will help boost the economy of busoga, the cultural and social sites of busoga hence increasing more Uganda safaris.

The investment in the tourism sector of Busoga will help to promote the tourism sector which will provide employment opportunities to the local people which will help fight poverty in the region. This will therefore make Uganda a better place to live in hence attracting more tours in Uganda as investors come in form of tourists.

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